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Cool room racking
  • Cool room racking

* Plastic cool room shelving, friendly-environment and rust-free racking *


* Plastic cool room shelving *


Friendly-environment and rust-free shelving is the revolutionary storage system. It makes the storage more convenient at any environment, wet or dry.


It is applicable at open style frozen container or cool room, because it can support -38c.


The shelving components - post and traverses are made of steel core with polypropylene exterior to provide strength and durability.


The plastic shelving can't be rust because of no welding line. So it can be used at wet place, and each component can be safely washed in a commercial dishwasher.


The shelving is made up of four kinds of components (Post, Traverse, Post Connector and Shelf).


Each components is easy to use and configure. And they have different kinds of sizes, can be flexible to customize for any size and area.


Differnet size for choice :

Item Size
Post (height)   1600 / 1800 / 2000mm
Traverse (length)

910 / 1060 / 1220 / 1370

1525 / 1825mm

Post connector (depth) 355 / 455 / 530 / 610mm


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