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Integrated rack Access - End unit w. podium
  • Integrated rack Access - End unit w. podium


* Integrated Racking *


Intergrated racking & shelving is a combined system of warehouse storage racking and shop shelving, the outside racking for storage pallets or cartons on top, the inside shp shelving for displaying & retailing, simply install the shop shelving into te havy duty racking system. The shop shelving components can be the standard ones of our modular shelving type. The integrated racking supermarket, grocery stores and wholesale markets.


Heavy-duty integrated racking specification

Length (mm) 2000mm ; 2600mm ; 2660mm
Width (mm) 1050mm
Height (mm)

2500mm / 3900mm / 4400mm /

5100mm / 5600mm / 6700mm


Midium-duty integrated racking specification

Length (mm) 1330mm ; 2000mm ; 2660mm ; 3000mm
Width (mm) 665 ; 865mm
Height (mm)

2400mm / 4500mm


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