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Grid Panel Shop Display Shelving
  • Grid Panel Shop Display Shelving

* Wire Grid Panel Shop Display Shelving *


* Grid Panel Shelving *

Wire grid panel shop display shelving, wire back panel can be fit hooks and prongs to hang commodities package.

Shop display gondola shelving with epoxy powder coating surface or zinc plating surface.

> Easy installation, a variety of hanging with any choice.


> The surface of the epoxy electrostatic spray, color according to customer demand, and has a strong anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion effect.


> Common good, with a variety of goods on display-specific accessories, suitable for the needs of supermarket.


Grid size

50x50mm ; 20x50mm

Can be customised

Length (mm)

600mm ; 900mm ; 1000mm ;

1200mm ; 1250mm ; 1330mm

Width (mm) 400mm ; 450mm ; 500mm ; 550mm ; 600mm
Height (mm)

1600mm ; 1800mm ; 2000mm ; 2200mm ; 2400mm ;

2500mm ; 2600mm ; 2800mm ; 3000mm

Column size (mm)

30x60 ; 30x70 ; 30x80 ; 30x90 ; 30x110 ; 40x60 ; 40x80mm

T 1.5mm ; 2.0mm ; 2.5mm

Back Panel type

Plain Back ; Perforated Back ; Grid Back ;

Hump-fill Back ; Slatwall Back

Color Ral color book
Load capa. (kgs) 80 kgs ~~~ 150 kgs


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